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On-site installation & training is available for all systems we provide.
Agfa • Aii / Autologic APS 3850 SST • Creo-Scitex • ECRM / Konica • Heidelberg / Linotype-Hell • HighWater •  Panther • Screen • Ultre Adobe RIP Eagle RIP Harlequin RIP

Global Pre-Press Systems offers fully reconditioned stand-alone, imagesetters and complete “turnkey” imagesetting systems. A "turnkey" system includes an imagesetter of your choice integrated with a Harlequin, Eagle or Panther Adobe PostScript ® level 3 software RIP residing in a Mac or PC host computer as appropriate. The "turnkey" system can also include a stand-alone or on-line, new or reconditioned film or polyester plate processor as needed. Additionally, we offer optional on-site installation and training.

  • Autologic: APS 3850 Graphix APS 3850 Sierra APS 3850 Aspen SST APS 3850 SST APS 3850 SST Wide 3850 SST W
  • Agfa - Accuset 1000 Accuset 1500 Select Set 5000 SS 7000 Avantra 25 (XT, E, S) Avantra 30 (S, E) Avantra 44 (E, S, XT) Phoenix 2250
  • ECRM: 4550 • Mako 36 • Mako 46 • Mako 56 • Marlin 46 • Marlin 63 • Stingray 52 • Stingray 63
  • PrePress Panther Plus 36 Panther Plus 46 Panther Plus 52 Panther Pro 36 Panther Pro 46 Panther Pro 62
  • Heidelberg / Linotype-Hell / Ultre: Herkules Basic • Herkules Elite • Herkules Pro L-170 • L-190 • L-300 • L-330 • L-500 • L-530 • L-560 • L-630 • Mark 40 • Mark 40EX Ultre 72P • Ultre 72E • Ultre 94P • Ultre 94E • Ultre 3000 • Ultre 4000 Ultre 4800 • Ultre 5400 • Ultre 5800

The care and expertise that is incorporated into a fully reconditioned and guaranteed imagesetter, CtP or "turnkey" system from Global Pre-Press Systems will insure you of many years of productivity, an assurance you don't have when purchasing used or "refurbished" equipment from an equipment broker or obtaining another printer's used, no longer needed equipment that has been in storage since they upgraded.

Our skilled, factory-trained personnel perform rigorous procedures to insure that every unit is within all the manufacturer's original specifications therefore we guarantee they will perform as advertised. In the rare event that a system does not perform as expected upon arrival, our technical support staff stands ready to assist you. In addition to the initial warranty, an optional annual maintenance and support agreement will be offered.

Customer service is always the first order of business at Global Pre-Press Systems. 

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