Global Pre-Press Systems offers a wide range of Production Software Packages from a variety of industry leading vendors

    We Offer Solutions For:

    • Automated Workflow
    • Preflighting
    • Soft & Remote Proofing
    • Automated & Interactive Trapping
    • Imposition
    • Page Pairing
    • Color Management & Certified Color Proofing Solutions
    • Editorial Production Software
    • Ad System

Included in our featured packages are:


G-Net Editorial (Brochure)
Classic Ad System (Brochure)


MundiWare provides value-added solutions that automate newspapers and magazines production phases. Relying on a highly qualified technical staff and experienced business analysts, MundiWare provides products and services of its own, with international quality.

MundiWare's most notable characteristic is its commitment to deliver cross-platform software products, being one of the few companies in the media industry to provide Windows- and Linux-based products. We believe that MundiWare's success is the result of the expertise of its professionals and the strong sense of partnership established with its customers.


Farrukh Systems
Imposition Publisher 4.6 - (Brochure) (Español)

Page Pairer 4.0 - (Brochure)

Imposition Publisher software for both the Commercial and Newspaper market - Impose PS and PDF files from over 100 desktop publishing applications. Minimizes user input with reusable templates, print mark sets and device settings. PDF engine allows PDF files to be imposed directly without any intermediate processing. A robust and user friendly imposition solution; available for small 2-up digital printers to 8-up or larger Computer-to-Plate systems. We also have specialized products for film saving and newspaper production - Page Pairing
FlightCheck Professional is the award-winning prepress application that sets the standard for preflighting. Verifies critical elements, such as colors, fonts and images assuring validity. After verification, FlightCheck Professional reports a menu of possible problems like missing images or fonts; even fonts in EPS files. FlightCheck Professional is a must have for printers, servicebureaus and publishers. It dramatically improves your workflow and your bottom line.
ask Force iTrap
I-Trap Trapping™ Software installs as an integral prart of your Harlequin RIP. It is an In-RIP and a separate interactive viewing and trapping application for your workstation. I-Trap™ will give your production workflow the tools needed to improve productivity and achieve the highest quality trapping.




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