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New PostScript® Level 3 RIPS Mac / PC based With / Without host computer RIP Upgrades


The Panther RIP is a true Adobe PostScript® 3 raster image processor for Panther Imagesetting and platemaking Systems through a standard SCSI-2 interface. Running on Macintosh or Windows 2000 Server platforms, Panther RIP harnesses the horsepower of today's workstations. It's an ideal solution for applications from simple pages of text through imposed signatures containing many high-res scanned images. Accepts jobs in PostScript, PDF, TIFF, EPS, or JPG formats.


Fast & robust, the Harlequn RIP is a high-performance RIP capable of driving around 100 different output devices. It's flexible architecture means that Global Graphics' OEMs can take the RIP and build a vast array of workflow solutions.
Agfa Compose HighWater RTI Xitron


Founder's EagleRIP creates superb quality PDF and PostScript® jobs. Compex documents, vivid colors, transparent objects, files with embedded ICC profiles and smooth shading are consistenly processed to meet the high standards of the most demanding customer. EagleRIP provides support for features within PDF 1.7 and PostScript® 3. For maximum performance, EagleRIP supports over 100 CTP, CTF, Indigo press, laser printer and digital proofer, as well as 1 bit TIFF, 8-bit TIFF and Winprint output used by most leading vendor print devices.





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